The Pub. The Poet. The Pint ®

The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl™ has been on the road for more than twenty five years. To celebrate, we have decided to tell our story to the world. Paris has its cafe litteraire; Dublin has its pubs. In song, story and annecdote, the founder, Colm Quilligan, blends the history of Dublin with its lively pubs and literary talk into an entertaining 80 minute show about this 'cradle of genius'.

Many of the greats started in Dublin: Joyce, Beckett, Yeats and Wilde hailed from Liffeyside and Colm has written a book about them and this town of 'tattle and taverns'.

He wants to bring that story from the streets of his hometown to wherever you live. The show will tell you how Dublin pubs got started, why there are so many, and how writers needed them to make connections and get their work into print.

The Pub The Poet The Pint' is a stimulating blend of biographical detail and quotation from some of the most famous Irish writers of the 20th century. But we don't forget those who are making an impact now: Seamus Heaney, Eavan Boland, Paula Meehan, Brendan Kennelly and many more.

A slide show will accompany the peformance to illustate the story of Dublin's beautiful streets, buildings and hostelries. Colm will give you a sneak preview of the interiors of Dublin's famous taverns, so when you come to the city, you will know what to look for and where to find it.

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